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​"...Fantastic company to work with, very nice family owned company. You can really tell they care."



Here at LPG Mechanical, we strive to make sure each and every customer is 100% satisfied. We know there is no better form of advertisement than word of mouth. To ensure every voice is heard, after every service call, we send all of our customers surveys so we know that our customers are satisfied, know what we are doing well, and what improvements we may need to work on. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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My tankless water heater has had several problems over the past few years,I\'ve called many plumbers to resolve my issue but they could never fix my problems.One company told me that it just needed to be reset, so I paid him $150 to come out and press the power button on my key pad, The issue wasn\'t resolved he just prolonged my problem for a couple of days.So reluctantly I called the plumber back out only for him to tell me I needed a new unit. He told me that the Noritz water heaters life expectancy was only 5 years and that it had lived its life. I didn\'t believe him so I called around and found LPG.They responded the same day and had my heater up and going within 3hrs. They had to install an isolation valve kit and found that I had several electrical issues inside,that is why I had so many problems with my unit in years past.LPG was wonderful and even informed me of the manufactures recommendations for future servicing.I would highly recommend LPG to anybody that is looking for a trained company to work on there heater."


After experiencing a cold shower a couple of times I called LPG Mechanical to come take a look at my unit. After he opened the cover he found many issues Frogs,Lizards,wasps and even a small snake had taken upon themselves to call my water heater home. Unfortunately for me they caused more issues than I wanted, he had to replace many components to bring my heater back to a working condition, thankfully they had many of the heaters parts on hand and we had continuous hot water that night."


"... I called 3 different local companies to work on this water heater and all 3 said it was junk and charged me $135 service fees..."

 "LPG Mechanical came out and looked at my water heater and within the hour I was back up and running with hot water. They gave me a 30 day warranty. I have not had a problem since.
​LPG Mechanicalsaved me from spending around $1700 for a new water heater. They were super nice and even called 3 weeks after the install to make sure everything was still working properly. I would highly recommend LPG! "